Hello and Servus. Welcome to my gallery.
Here you will find oil paintings, reproductions, and more.


First of all, a personal statement! This is a website and a web shop that I run individually. There are no marketing teams, underpaid customer service agents, or odd „corporate philosophies“ to be found on this site. Here you will receive personalized, individualized assistance from the boss himself: Me!


Gemälde Reproduktionen OnlineI don’t pretend that this is a large scale enterprise. What I will do is personally look after every single inquiry that I receive. I am grateful for every single order. I don’t handle every single aspect of the business (above all, I do not perform the paintings myself. For that you should be grateful!), but I am responsible for making sure your order goes through smoothly and you receive the very best painting for your money. If anything goes wrong (which is a rare occurrence), I will make sure it gets worked out.


I don’t run this business to become rich (it would be nice, but it’s not happening) but because, above all, this business is a source of everlasting personal enjoyment for me. All of my life, I have wanted to sell nice things to nice people. Now I do so, and I’m glad that I can do business with you in the future.


Gemälde Reproduktionen – handgemalt!


I recently saw van Gogh’s painting „Fishing Boats“ in Albertina, Vienna. The painting has a

Gemälde Reproduktionen Online van Gogh - Fischerboote

fascinating radiance when one looks at it from a few steps away. I mention this because I bought a print of this very painting to hang as decoration in my very first flat. The print was nice enough and served as a suitable decoration, but it lacked the magic and drama of seeing the original painting. The print lacked a certain personality. Perhaps it was because you couldn’t see the real paints, or the brush strokes, or the colours of the original oils, but it simply did not measure up.


Because of how much more interesting a real painting is than a print, I sell reproductions of famous paintings that are painted by my contract painters. These reproductions are splendid. I make sure that the reproduction is as close to the original as is humanly possible. If you hang one of my reproductions beside the original painting, you would barely be able to perceive a few small differences. But who would do this? For all intents and purposes, the reproductions I sell are authentic alternatives to paying through the teeth for an original.


Reproduktion Ölgemaelde - Gustav Klimt, der Kuss-


I cannot stress enough the difference between an oil reproduction and a poster when it comes to radiation and effect. Best of all, a reproduction truly does not cost a whole lot more than a high quality print. The price of a nice oil reproduction is in the lower 3-figure area, so everybody really can afford to have a close approximation of one of the world’s masterpieces of art. I offer only the


highest quality reproductions.


In the international reproduction community, there are generally three to four categories of quality: Museum, high quality, medium, and commercial. I only sell oil reproductions that fall into the *museum* category. You can rest assured that your reproduction will be near-indistinguishable from the original


Above all, I wish to satisfy my customers.


If you have any questions, please email me. I will answer immediately.


Portraits and Other Oil Paintings Painted From Photographs


My oil paintings from photographs are my best sellers! Today, photographs are really nothing special. You can snap a photo on your

Ölbild nach Foto handgemalt

digital camera, pay a few euros to get it enlarged, and

hang it on the wall. However, it will be nothing remarkable except for its value as a memory. On the other hand, if a gifted painter took that same photo and created a magnificent painting from it, that would be something else entirely.

My oil paintings from photographs have a very special effect. You will receive an authentic oil painting with a unique radiance all of its own. My customers have constantly remarked on the dramatic and beautiful quality of my oil paintings from photographs.


Best of all, you can request that my painter stays as true to the original photograph as possible, or request as many modifications as you would like. Perhaps you would like to combine the handgemaltes Ölbild nach Foto elements of two photographs, or remove an annoying or out-of-place person in a treasured photograph, or even have your portrait placed on a background of your choosing. The possibilities are quite literally endless. As an example, the portrait of the horses to the right was created from two separate photographs. In the photographs, there were a number of small, problematic details such as flies and troublesome backgrounds. It was no problem to unite the two little horses in their own beautiful portrait.

Please write me an email right away. I can accommodate all special requests. You are sure to love these paintings.


Portraits and Other Handmade Watercolor Paintings, or Pencil Drawings From Photographs.


Handgemaltes Aquarell nach Foto Marilyn Monroe

Many people prefer watercolors or pencils to oil paint. While it is difficult to approach the heavy and dramatic qualities of oil, watercolors and pencils have a certain charm and quality all on their own. If you wish to have your photograph rendered by watercolor or pencil, I can accommodate that as well.

handgezeichnete Bleisitftzeichnung nach FotoAmong my contract artists are specialists in watercolor painting and pencil drawing. Anything we provide in oils can also be done in watercolor or pencil. A watercolor reproduction of an oil painting takes on a magical, light quality that many people fall in love with on first sight. A pencil rendition of your photograph can take on a certain black-and-white drama that cannot be quite captured with oils.

Watercolor and pencil products are usually done on a request or contract basis. This department of the shop is still under construction, so if you are interested in these unique products then please simply send me an email.


 Picture Frames, Baroque Frames, and Wedged Stretchers


Since every painting needs to be stretched and framed before it can be placed on your wall, it is only natural that I offer this service. You need a suitable frame which properly display your beautiful new painting. I can either Keilrahmen, oder Spannrahmendevelop your picture rolled up, or deliver it already framed. I begin by stretching the oil painting on a wedged stretcher that is fitted together by four profile strips. After stretching, I place your painting in a nice decor frame.


You can choose from two basic styles of frame.
We offer modern frames that are fashioned from machine made strips, which can either be smooth and modern styled or decorated and classically styled. These frames are quite beautiful, sensible, and affordable.
We also offer manually constructed baroque frames. These frames are hand carved to order and can be crafted in any style you wish. They are absolutely beautiful and stunning to behold. In fact, they are works of art on their own terms. Please have a look through the shop at the baroque frames that I have displayed as examples. Note that these are only examples and that we can make any frame in any format, with any design and in any finish. Please contact me to work out the details.

Referenzen - handgemaltes Ölbild  nach Monet
....the picture is really beautiful! The original could not look better, only that I can afford yours .... other testimonials
Detail eine handgemalten Ölbildes
All reproductions are painted by hand with the best oil paint on high quality artist canvas.
Formats - Originals
Spezielle Formate bei handgemalten Reproduktionen
Reproductions can be painted in any desired format and according to any original from which we get a useful pattern. Gladly I research for you.
Oil painting from photo
Ölbild nach Foto
Also very popular are hand-painted oil paintings from one, or more photographs. Particularly well suitable as a very personal gift, also as pencil drawings or watercolors
You can get your pictures all ready framed. There are stretcher, modern decoration frames and baroque frames in standard sizes and custom made available.
Delivery time & Payment
All paintings are painted according to your requirements from pattern, so I ask you to accept a delivery time of 3-4 weeks.
Payment in advance by bank transfer or by credit card/PayPal.