Masterpieces on Canvas – Reproductions of Old Masters

oil replicasWhen considering art to display in their homes, many people long for the works of world-famous artists. In awe of their exquisite works, many find pleasure and inspiration in these masterpieces. For most, owning an original Botticelli or Renoir is impossible. Therefore, many people feel that their only choice is a poster print of a famous work. For people who love art, this can be a disappointing option. In addition to their aesthetic appeal and creative subject matter, what most people appreciate about these visual masterpieces are the details and texture of oil paintings, in which each stroke of the artist’s brush is vivid and deliberate. Two-dimensional poster prints cannot replicate the richness of images created with oil paints. When seeking a satisfy option for displaying the works of the masters, many people choose oil replicas on canvas because these paintings offer the precision and artistry of the originals.

oil replicasHandmade oil paintings are admired for the expressiveness of the medium and the techniques used to translate the artist’s vision onto canvas. The intensity of color results from the array of pigments that painters use to create the perfect tones and hues for their pieces. With today’s advancements in artistic materials, oil paintings are long-lasting pieces that resist fading and keep their brilliance over time. When securely mounted and attractively framed, oil paintings are striking pieces, pleasing to all who view them. For those who want the radiance of Renaissance painters, like Michelangelo, Raffael or da Vinci, displayed in their homes, a hand-painted, oil replica provides quality and accuracy at a reasonable cost.


It is difficult to tell the difference between the original and a hand-painted reproduction of famous masterpieces. With careful attention, the best oil paints and knowledge and admiration of these famous pieces, skilled artists work tirelessly to replicate the meticulous works of Impressionists, such as Monet, van Gogh, Cézanne and Goya, as well as the Baroque styles of masters like Rembrandt, Velazquez and Van Dyck. For people who want to display the Symbolism of Klimt and Waterhouse, or even the Realism of Glackens and Daumier, the skilled hands of artists recreate these paintings to provide art aficionados with the pleasure of owning such cherished and celebrated works of art.

Referenzen - handgemaltes Ölbild  nach Monet
....the picture is really beautiful! The original could not look better, only that I can afford yours .... other testimonials
Detail eine handgemalten Ölbildes
All reproductions are painted by hand with the best oil paint on high quality artist canvas.
Formats - Originals
Spezielle Formate bei handgemalten Reproduktionen
Reproductions can be painted in any desired format and according to any original from which we get a useful pattern. Gladly I research for you.
Oil painting from photo
Ölbild nach Foto
Also very popular are hand-painted oil paintings from one, or more photographs. Particularly well suitable as a very personal gift, also as pencil drawings or watercolors
You can get your pictures all ready framed. There are stretcher, modern decoration frames and baroque frames in standard sizes and custom made available.
Delivery time & Payment
All paintings are painted according to your requirements from pattern, so I ask you to accept a delivery time of 3-4 weeks.
Payment in advance by bank transfer or by credit card/PayPal.